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Our Mission


To honor the richness of childhood, foster mastery of academic principles, and educate students to be generous and committed citizens of their communities and the world.

Diversity Mission Statement

St. Peter’s School is committed to engaging and preparing students for meaningful participation in a diverse society. We commit ourselves to the active pursuit of recognizing and honoring each person’s voice and to fostering a school environment that embodies the values of equity, inclusion, and justice for others, with respect to:

Socioeconomic Status
Gender Identity
Sexual Orientation

The Five School Keys

Our School Keys are the foundational tenets that are at the core of how we educate our students and what our families should expect to experience while at St. Peter’s School. 

Community Code

The SPS Community Code is a commitment defining the interactions we have with one another, and for how we conduct ourselves. It should serve as a guide for our Students, Faculty and Staff, providing our community a common language to use when we evaluate how we are doing and what we may be able to improve, personally and collectively, or turn to when we find ourselves in challenging circumstances.

Be kind, compassionate, and inclusive.
Be respectful of and honest with yourself, your work, and others.
Be your best self.