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Merit-Based Scholarship Program

City Scholars at SPS

Program & School Overview

City Scholars Now Fully Enrolled!

The City Scholars program is now fully enrolled and we are grateful for the opportunity to enroll new scholars through this funding resource.  We are excited to welcome new students at St. Peter’s this fall thanks to the scholarship program.  Because we have filled all of the spaces with new students, this program is on hold and will reopen when additional funding becomes available. Please check back in January 2024.

 This Scholarship is for students who reside in Philadelphia entering Sixth through Eighth Grades. The Scholarship includes full tuition for each year a student is enrolled at the School beginning in Sixth Grade. The goal of the program is to enroll new students into the upper grades of the school and for them to benefit from the unique SPS experience and close-knit community, as a springboard for preparation into high school upon graduation.

St. Peter’s unique program for middle school aged students includes a project based curriculum, a partnership with organizations in and around Philadelphia known as our City Curriculum, and our standards based grading system. The School offers extended education each week in the Arts, interscholastic athletics, and a strong Advisory Program to support each student through the challenges of adolescence. Our class sizes are between 6-12 students and the small sizes allow for personalized learning and attention for all. Our students graduate and attend many of the prestigious high schools in the Philadelphia area, making St. Peter’s one of the premier feeder schools in the city.

Eligibility & Deadline

Please note: This program is now fully enrolled, however, when the program is opened the following criteria will be followed to determine new City Scholars.

The application and selection process is competitive and the criteria are outlined below:

  • Student must be entering fifth, sixth, seventh, or eighth grade for the 2023-2024 school year
  • Student must live in the city of Philadelphia
  • Student must complete an application to the School
  • Student must complete a Financial Aid application for EITC/OSTC qualification
  • Student must complete supplemental City Scholars application
  • Student must remain in good standing through their time at St. Peter’s
  • Student’s scholarship will continue through the Eighth Grade graduation from the School

How to Apply to be a City Scholar

Step One

School Application

Begin the Application Checklist items through Veracross, including:

  • Application Fee of $60
  • A recent photo of your child
  • Teacher Recommendation Form
    • Grades 6 – 8 | Teacher Recommendation Form to be completed by both your child’s current Math and English teachers.
  • Records Release Form should be submitted to your child’s current school.  This gives your permission for a copy of your child’s transcript from the prior two academic years to be mailed from the current school to St. Peter’s School.
Start an Application

Step Two

City Scholars Questionnaire

Student applicants should answer any 4 (four) of the following questions. These answers may also be emailed directly to

Step Three

Financial Aid

City Scholars candidates must also complete an application for Financial Aid through School & Student Services (SSS) by NAIS.


Scheduling a Visit

All City Scholar applicants will schedule a visit to the school as part of this process.

Additional Information

How many Scholars will be selected?

We will select one student in each of the other Upper Grade classes (6th, 7th, and 8th), for a total of three scholars. The School reserves the right to select fewer than that number based on qualification and we may adapt the total number of candidates in future years. As indicated, a recipient’s award is guaranteed through their graduation or departure from the School.

What does the application review and notification process entail?

Once an application is completed and it is determined the candidate is appropriate for the School, the Scholars Selection Committee, will review all applications and select the scholarship recipients.

Contact us with any questions

Office of Admissions