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SPS Parents' Association

Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2022 // PA Meeting Minutes

Updates from Matt Evans

  • Welcome Back! Relative to our society, independent schools nationwide and locally, while we’ve had our concerns about Omicron, we’ve been somewhat successful. Hopeful that by end of month, we’ll hopefully start to see decline and move into spring both carefully and more normally. 


  • Reenrollment- in process. PS and PK playdate underway for prospective students on January 14. 
  • Admissions Team doing a great job in challenging environment – offering in person and hybrid admission participation options.
  • Matt appreciates current SPS family ambassadorship in promoting SPS to prospective families.
  • Will be providing updates on faculty and staffing in the coming week about changes to occur in the next school year. 
  • Budget drives staffing so make decisions based on reenrollment and new enrollment. 
  • Difficulty with teacher staffing issues across the region at other independent schools. SPS not as impacted as other schools.


  • Focus, one day at a time, but if it was necessary to shift to the virtual model, teachers are ready. CHOP Policy Lab is not recommending virtual and SPS optimistic that in person instruction will continue for remainder of academic year.
  • Classroom dynamics, work produced, socialization have returned to pre-pandemic “normal”. 
  • Heartfelt thank you to all SPS Teachers working in this difficult environment! School started Sunshine Committee to recognize amazing teacher efforts. This supplements the recognition by FASA (PA). 
  •  Question about types of masks: cloth vs. KN95…many faculty have double masked. SPS has stopped short of making a recommendation. SPS will be back in touch if that will change.
  • CHOP Policy Lab continues to be an important COVID resource. School is exploring possibilities of additional meals outside when children unmasked. Latest communication as of January 19th that children in grades K-8 will eat lunch outdoors until February 4.
  • Nurse Val Hill has been incredible working overtime for the last three weeks to help keep community safe. 

Updates from the PA

Holiday Community Drive with CHOP- A Great Success 

  • CHOP received enough hats, gloves and scarves to support 500 children, surpassing their goal. SPS contribution totaled over a 1/3 of total contributions. Surplus for shelters to provide for new families that may arrive this winter. 

Holiday gift contributions for support teachers and staff

  • Top fundraising effort for SPS. We are so appreciative of your generosity!

Sandy Trezza- Admissions Update

  • Large part of last two years, admissions done virtually 
  • Parent Ambassador group -current families connect with new families. Testament to the welcoming culture of the SPS community 
  • REQUEST: This year, SPS wants to increase its admission yield. Once we accept families, if we can connect with a current family with recent experience in a grade or vision. Be a sounding board for questions, share experience.
    -Asking for volunteers to call 1-2 accepted families before they make decision to enroll.
    – Last week of January, admitted families will be contacted starting with PS applicants.
    – Need volunteers for beginning of February. Please reach out to Sandy or Samantha Ponns if interested

Auction Update– Britney Caruso (co chair- Lance Moore)

  • Friday, May 13. Still intending for event to be in person
  • Museum of the American Revolution. 90s Theme.
  • REQUEST: Seeking live auction gift items. 
  • Raffle- 100 tickets @ $100. Winner receives a class party. 
  • Two class parties only; one raffle, one at live auction.

PA Pretzel Wednesdays

  • Warm pretzels every Wednesday morning; need parent volunteers. Given to kids at morning snack time. No need to pack a snack!
  • Feb 2-May 25 (15 weeks)
  • $20 to sign up for the 15 weeks; sign ups will go out next week 
  • Online sign up in next week’s newsletter and in a flyer coming home with kids 
    • Orders from Center City Pretzel Co 

PA Speaker Series

  • PA has put feelers out to speakers 
  • Overwhelming interest from families on parenting topics
  • Pilot program of a few speakers to gauge family engagement
  • Survey will solicit input from families on topics, timing
  • Meetings will occur virtually 
  • Survey responses requested by Friday, January 21

SPS Community Business Directory

  • Link in this week’s SPS newsletter
  • If your business is new or not included in this initial draft, please reach out to PA and we will add your business. It can include your close extended family members. 

Book Fair

  • More information coming next month

Hopefully more community events coming in the spring! We always need volunteers and appreciate your time.