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SPS Parents' Association

Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2021 // PA Meeting Minutes


  • Cannie Shafer has begun her role as Interim Education Program Director. Welcome, Cannie! 

Harvest Festival

  • Thanks to everyone who assisted with Harvest Festival. Great to bring the community together for a fun, safe time. 
  • Please express your gratitude to Suzanne O’Brien who has run it for the last eight years. Thank you, Suzanne!

Scholastic Dollars

  • Scholastic Book Fair each year run by the Parents Association. SPS earns “scholastic dollars”/points to purchase new items. SPS raised a little over $800 in scholastic dollars last year and school was able to purchase $1000 worth of products for the SPS Learning Center.
  • The Book Fair is historically hosted in December, but will be moved to spring 2022 in hopes it can be offered as an in-person event. 

Speaker Series

  • Parents Association (PA) is working on a Speaker Series based on feedback from the community survey. PA is collaborating with Kate Childs and parent, Carrie Konold to develop a curriculum.
  • We would love to hear from the community regarding any ideas or contacts you may have. 
  • We hope to offer a few speakers via a virtual format beginning in 2022. These will take place in the evening.  

Faculty and Staff Appreciation (FASA)

  • Thanks to chairs, Laura Spina, Regina Mullen and Julia Limongello
  • We are so appreciative of all donations from SPS families. Thanks to your generosity, we collected $2900 this year, double our previous year amount! 
  • YAY Lunch donated a monthly snack box to SPS facility and staff for three months
  • Chairs organized a Halloween/Harvest Fest treat for our teachers, pretzels and decorations
  • Chairs will host a November gratitude event the Friday before Thanksgiving. Considering offering lunch boxes and a special surprise. Stay tuned and look for details from your class parents! 
  • FASA will organize a thank you lunch in the spring and year end event as well. 
  • If you have ideas or wish to participate, please reach out to the Chairs. 

SPS Auction Update

  • Brittney Caruso and Lance Moore as Co-Chairs
  • SAVE THE DATE – Friday, May 13, 2022 (in person!)
  • Museum of the American Revolution
  • Theme is Back to the 90s

We are thrilled to host an in person auction experience in 2022. This is the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year.  The Please reach out if you are interested in participating in anyway. There are many roles (set up, donation committee) This is a mostly parent led event (with awesome assistance from Liz Isanuk and Sarah Evans) and we need many hands to bring it to fruition! If you run a business, know someone who runs a business, please reach out and bring donations to the Auction Committee. We love hearing your ideas. Please reach out to with ideas or questions. 

Family Movie Night on Wiggins Field next Friday, November 12th 

  • Movie: Croods: A New Age
  • Gates open at 6pm, 630pm- BYO blanket and snacks
  • Popcorn, soft pretzels, water and juice boxes offered
  • Completely free and fun event offered to the community. We look forward to seeing you next Friday! (Potential rain date is the following Friday, November 19)

Community Service Project

  • November Food Drive for Thanksgiving. We’ll be partnering with local organization. Details coming next week. 

SPS Community Business Directory- Coming next week. Support our families’ businesses!

Advancement (SPS Fund and EITC/OSTC) 

  • Liz Isanuk, Advancement Director introduces Erica Daza, current Board Member, SPS Parent and EITC Participant 
    • Program provides companies and eligible individuals who pay PA taxes an opportunity to designate those dollars to SPS. Minimal contribution of $5k. 
    • Essentially you give to SPS what you would have given to the State of PA in taxes. Companies or eligible individuals can receive up to 90% tax credit when a two year commitment. 
    • BLOCS is the administrative partner. SPS is in Year 5 of this relationship. School received $280k in EITC/OSTC funds providing tuition assistance to 23 students. 
    • Erica Daza have been giving through this tax program for the last 5 years. Great experience, super easy, BLOCS  streamlines the process. Wonderful engagement- questions, concerns, they are very responsive. Give in a way that benefits the entire community. In example Erica discussed, a way to give SPS 10k but only costs you $630 out of pocket. 
    • Helps SPS to grow the scholarship fund in major way bringing talented students into the community regardless of ability to pay   
    • More details can be found here…
    • Money goes to the Scholarships only! SPS Fund is separate. 
    • If families interested in learning more, please reach out to Erica Daza, Liz Isanuk or Beth Hollinger.

Updates from Matt Evans, Head of School 

  • Special thanks to all parents who have volunteered this year, including for Harvest Festival.
  • Open House- October 23- lots of folks came through, very good event. 
  • Great mtg with PA Co-Presidents, Emily McHose and Beth Hollinger, to discuss how we’ve evolved as a PA. We’ve come back strong as an association. Beth and Emily have lots of great new ideas. Discussed what we can do from a safety and financial standpoint. So far the year has been a huge success. Teachers appreciate all the hard work to make teachers feel appreciated. 
  • EITC/OSTC remarks: Dollars are used for financial aid. Helps SPS not only with need-based aid, but also annual operating budget as an offset, increasing the bottom line. The BLOCS process takes only 15-20 minutes to complete and doesn’t require hiring an outside expert or any additional money to participate. 
    • Upcoming Events- Internal in School
      • Grandparents and Special Friends Day Virtual Event- Information forthcoming in coming days and weeks. Celebration of Light –Information forthcoming


  • Discussions with MCAC around vaccinations post- approval of 5-11 year olds to receive COVID-19 vaccine. SPS will be putting forth recommendations on the SPS website. Having conversations with other heads of school about requirements. SPS encourages families to strongly consider vaccinations as another layer of safety and mitigation. Mitigation policies will continue for foreseeable future as portion of ECD population is still ineligible for vaccine. Future policy changes and requirements TBD
  • School is focusing on developing a policy around travel, quarantine, etc after the holiday break.  The goal is to bring the students back in the building as scheduled. School is considering and leaning toward PCR testing requirements before returning to the building. 

2nd grade teacher hiring update
In process of recruiting new teacher- may have update as early as this afternoon.It is anticipated this teacher will accept the offer and SPS hopes to welcome teacher as earl as Monday. 

New Business/Q&A

  • What was outcome of Vaccine poll? Val said good response. Many families interested, but don’t have the breakdown. Will share once Matt has more details
  • Where do auction proceeds go? Auction dollars go to SPS Fund 
  • Can siblings outside SPS attend? Yes, SPS families can attend. A check in will be required similar to the Harvest Festival 
  • What is Status on the SPS Church Project? Church said they received zoning approval. Working on some details. Possibility that project could be started this winter. Will share information as it evolves. SPS anticipates some disruption to drop off and pick up procedures but no clear start date as yet. Not happening in November