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Wellness & Equity

SEL & CharacterStrong

We focus on connecting and building relationships with each student. Social and Emotional Learning provides our students skills to manage emotions, resolve conflict and improve self-awareness, guided by the CharacterStrong program. Along with ongoing support from our School Counselor, teachers intentionally integrate SEL education through specific lessons and weave the themes into the daily interactions within the community.  Kindness, respect, empathy, and creativity are among the school-wide, monthly themes teachers incorporate to foster a positive, connected, community of learners.


Zones of Regulation

During Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), students may participate in The Zones of Regulation® curriculum which are lessons and activities designed to help them gain skills in the area of self-regulation. Students enjoy creating a personalized Zones chart that is used to categorize their emotions into colors. They then use the chart to remind them of the regulation strategies they learned throughout the year so that they can use them at home or in the community.

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The Racial Literacy Curriculum by Pollyanna

Now in its third year as part of our School’s curriculum, the Racial Literacy Curriculum, which was developed by Monique Vogelsang for Pollyanna, aims to broaden our students’ knowledge around inclusion and compassion by providing perspectives of those similar and different to their own. The implementation of the Racial Literacy Curriculum (RLC) allows us to further fulfill our School’s mission of educating students to be generous and committed citizens of their communities and the world.

RLC Info

Companion Guide & Book Recs

When the RLC program launched in September of 2020, SPS parents and caregivers were invited to learn more about the program during a workshop led by creator, Monique Vogelsang and were provided complementary resources that were recommended by Monique: