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A New Case For Support: Giving in 2020-2021

For many of us, COVID-19 will be one of the defining moments of our lifetime. Right now, the world is delineating time in terms of pre-COVID and post-COVID. It has completely, fundamentally changed many of the societal norms we have known all of our lives, and taken away some of what we enjoy.

St. Peter’s School is not an exception to this phenomenon. When we were forced to close the building suddenly in March, our resolve as a community was tested. And we believe that we came out on top, despite all the obstacles of quarantine, distance learning, and the “new normal” that we all had to accept seemingly overnight. Our spring of challenge was followed by a summer of continued precautions and civil unrest. We spent the last few months as a community having hard but necessary conversations about who we are and who we want to be in the future.

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We hope you consider

Making a gift to SPS

What does my gift support?

On a practical level, the Annual Fund provides resources for important yearly priorities including:

  • Professional development for faculty & staff
  • Tuition assistance funding
  • Programmatic and facility upgrades

Tuition and endowment revenue alone do not provide the funds necessary to cover the costs associated with supporting these priorities. Therefore our community sees a direct and immediate positive impact as a result of the financial flexibility provided by the Annual Fund.



How much should I give?

As we move toward the future and consider serious upgrades to our historic building, we ask you to help us by making a gift to the Annual Fund today at a level that is significant yet comfortable for your family. Perhaps most importantly, your family’s participation means the most as it helps ensure that the philanthropic chain remains unbroken. The investments of past families benefit your children today, and the gifts you make now will also help enhance your child’s experience while creating a ripple effect on future students.


Your gift has a significant impact on the present and future of St. Peter’s School.

Make your gift today!
Development Office Contact:

Clare Dych
Director of Development