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October 26, 2019   Announcement

Head of School Open House Welcome

Welcome to everyone! We are excited for you to see St. Peter’s and for us to explain what it is we do here.

St. Peter’s has a rich history filled with traditions and connections to Historic Philadelphia. We also have a “tradition of change.” We were once a choir school for boys, we once followed a British curriculum, and we were once a religious school educating students in the city.

We are also entrepreneurial. We have kept one eye toward the future and on current research that has an impact on improving our students’ learning. We think about what is best for kids, not what is best for the adults. We are not the school we were ten years ago… we are not even the school we were last year. Each September we reinvent ourselves when a new group of students arrive along with our faculty and we come together to learn as a community. We are constantly looking at ways to improve and ways to engage our students in their own learning. 

St. Peter’s is proud to be a little different than who people think we are. We are proud to do things in a way that is not “the same way it has always been done.” We are also proud of our kids and the young people they are becoming each day. 

We are driven by our mission: To honor the richness of childhood, foster the mastery of academic principles, and educate students to be generous and committed citizens of their communities and the world.

We do not know what the world will be like in 2034… the year our current preschool students will graduate from high school, but we do know what St. Peter’s will be then and every year until then:

  • We will be a joyful community bringing together children and adults engaged in learning and play that gives purpose and provides direction.
  • We will know children well, and intentionally encourage structured and informal time for students to be together, learn from one another, and practice ethical interactions.
  • We will be a school that embraces student effort and performance in all areas of school life, encouraging each to develop intrinsic motivation and self-determination.
  • We will foster a sense of self for each child, and through this process, they will better understand themselves, gain confidence in their abilities, and seek challenges that stretch them just beyond their comfort level.
  • We will challenge the students academically and provide a foundation for them to exceed the demands of life beyond SPS.
  • We will provide all who share our space opportunities to learn from those around them and the city that surrounds us. Experiential education does not simply mean learning by doing, but students need to engage with their teachers, their classmates, and their environment.
  • We will take full advantage of our unique Preschool through Eighth Grade community, establishing a clarity of expectations to help develop each child’s moral compass. We will always consider the student first, and understand how important each child’s experience is to their overall development.
  • We will be an inclusive community, embracing the uniqueness of our families, celebrating the genuine diversity of our students and seeking understanding through meaningful encounters with authentic multiculturalism.    

We do a lot. We have always done a lot and we always will. We want our finite time together to be purposeful, and we know there must be meaning in the interactions we have together. What we connect to, how we engage one another, and why we decide to value the particular meaningful experiences define us as a community. It allows us to intentionally define the “we” we refer to each day inclusively and authentically.

Take the time today to look, listen and to ask questions about what you see and hear. We want you to know about what we do, and our hope is that after today’s visit, you’ll understand why we do it. We are so thankful you are all here, and we are eager to introduce you to our community.