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January 27, 2020   Announcement

Read for the House Program in February

Our school is participating in the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House’s “Read for the House” program again this year, marking the 25th year of our School’s involvement!

We are helping to reduce costs for the Philadelphia RMH and protect our environment by cutting down on the amount of printed pieces distributed. You can find all the information about this year’s program by visiting, including the student information sheet and reading calendar information about the prizes your child can earn, and a quick video about the program you can share with your children!

Their website is also where you create your child’s online fundraising page to accept donations. See below for instructions on how to create the fundraising page. We encourage all students to make an online fundraising page as credit card transactions are the preferred payment method of the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, however, if you decide to send your children to school with cash/check please be sure it is in an envelope with their name, school name, grade, teacher, and number of minutes read. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Beth Andaloro at

HOW TO REGISTER: visit to set up your personal fundraising page.

1.    Once you have reached the web page, click on “Register Now.”

2.    Review the agreement. (Please note: there are no fundraising requirements to participate in this program.)

3.    Select “Reader” and find your school’s team by clicking on the “Search” button below “Find a Team to Join.” In the search bar, type in your school’s name (St. Peter’s School) and select it from the drop down. This will prompt you to begin answering questions about your fundraising goals.

4.    Type in a fundraising goal that is personally attainable. You can change your fundraising goal at any time.

5.    Complete the form to create a username and password for your fundraising account. If you created an account last year, you can log in using the same username and password, but will need to create a new fundraising page for this year. If you need help resetting your password, contact Alyssa Tritschler at

6.    Customize the fundraising page with photos, a story, and anything else you would like to share.

7.    Now you are ready to spread the word that you are reading and raising money for the House! If you view your page, there is a box in the bottom left corner that says “Get The Word Out.” You can click the red button within this box that says “GET PAGE LINK.” To copy and paste your fundraising page link and send it directly to your friends and family members.

8.    Make sure to log back into your fundraising page periodically throughout the month of February to log the number of minutes you have read!

**Please note if you have multiple children participating in the Read for the House program, you will need to create multiple fundraising pages using different email addresses so each of your children have their own page to collect donations, log their reading minutes, and collect prizes from. If your family only has one email address, please contact Alyssa Tritschler and she will help register your children.**