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December 14, 2020   Announcement

Continuous Enrollment

SPS utilizes a Continuous Enrollment model for our re-enrollment process. Students are automatically re-enrolled for the upcoming school year unless the School receives an Official Withdrawal Form by a deadline of the third Friday in January, which falls on January 15, 2021. This year, we have added a Force Majeure clause to the enrollment contract.  A copy of the updated contract is available here for your reference only, you do not need to sign and return it.  Tuition rates for the 2021-2022 school year will be published in the New Year. 

Please note that re-enrollment deposit invoices will be sent by SMART Tuition and are due in January. This invoice is separate from your regular tuition invoice. Your non-refundable deposit is applied towards your total tuition amount for the ‘21-’22 school year. For more information and Frequently Asked Questions regarding Continuous Enrollment, please see the information below.

Why does re-enrollment matter?

St. Peter’s School wants to ensure that we are prepared for each school year. Until our families re-enroll and we know who is coming back for the next school year, it is difficult to plan for staffing, programs, classroom capacities, materials, curriculum and facility usage.

Why use Continuous Enrollment?

By using Continuous Enrollment, we reduce the amount of paperwork parents need to complete and streamline the administrative processes to better serve our community. Historically, over 85% of families at SPS re-enroll every year. Instead of having the vast majority of families go through the same paperwork year after year just to say they are coming back, we have removed that step in the process. The families that are returning for another school year don’t have to complete any re-enrollment paperwork. Families who decide not to return must complete an Official Withdrawal Form, which can be requested through the Office of Admissions, during the “opt out” period.

When is the “Opt Out” period?

The Opt Out period begins the first day of the current school year and ends on the third Friday of January. If a child will not be returning to St. Peter’s, parents must request an Official Withdrawal Form from the Office of Admissions.

Is there a re-enrollment deposit required?

Yes. While families do not complete a re-enrollment contract every year, they are required to submit a re-enrollment deposit. Families will receive a bill from Smart Tuition for a non-refundable re-enrollment deposit that is due by the third Friday of January. This deposit is credited towards the total tuition amount for the upcoming school year. Families also have an opportunity to submit their deposit by check or cash.

What if we request and complete a withdrawal form for my child after the third week of January?

Per the enrollment contract, tuition deposits are non-refundable. If you withdraw your child on or before May 1, no additional payment will be required. If you withdraw your child after May 1, but on or before the opening day of school, you will be responsible for 60% of the tuition, due upon notice of cancellation. If you withdraw your child after the opening day of school, the full tuition amount due under the enrollment contract shall be payable.

Is Continuous Enrollment different for Financial Aid applicants?

No. If you apply and qualify for Financial Aid, you will receive a Financial Aid Award Letter which will convey the cost of tuition for the upcoming school year. To accept Tuition Assistance offered by the School, families are asked to sign the award letter and return it to the Admissions Office. Families interested in financial assistance or any family that needs to re-apply for financial assistance for the upcoming school year can log on to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid at

If my child is entering PK, when will I have a chance to sign up for Lunch Bunch?

After submitting your re-enrollment deposit, a separate form will be emailed to PK parents/guardians that will allow you to indicate which days your child will stay for Lunch Bunch. Then the additional Lunch Bunch fees will be added to your Smart Tuition account.