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From the Head of School


Strategic Planning Update

February 9, 2024   From the Head of School

As the School embarks on a Strategic Plan, there are many important questions we must ask. The School is just ten years away from our bi-centennial celebration in 2034. It is important to understand the impact these strategic decisions will have on the history of our School and our relationships in Philadelphia.

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What is the Purpose of School?

December 7, 2023   From the Head of School

Think about when you were in 4th grade or 2nd grade. Do you remember your teacher? Do you remember what you did in class? Do you remember your friends? Do you remember what you did at that time and if it prepared you for what you do now as an adult?

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The Importance of Play

November 2, 2023   From the Head of School

Play should not be confined to recess. Play and the inherent value of the experience are necessary and joyful aspects of all parts of school. Pasi Sahlberg, Finnish educator and author, said, “Play is how children explore, discover, fail, succeed, socialize, and flourish.”

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Artificial Intelligence at SPS

October 5, 2023   From the Head of School

We have been reading a number of articles and following the trend in the news lately about the use (and misuse) of AI in schools. Until recently, we have seen most of the concerns with older high school and college-aged students, but we see more and more how the access and the sourcing of AI-generated material is available to younger and younger students. As a School, we are addressing the challenges, and we wanted to provide some information about what we do, are planning to do, and how our program is intentionally designed not to be easily manipulated by students using AI-adapted technology. However, for all our optimism and genuine protection, we must remain aware and help our students navigate a world where AI is as easy to access as a smartphone app.

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