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Philanthropy at St. Peter’s School

As an independent school, we rely on our community to keep us thriving. We hope that families and alumni of St. Peter’s School are inspired to give back to the school that provided the foundation for a lifetime of learning—ensuring that we can educate children for generations to come. And we invite current parents to make their children’s school a philanthropic priority right now, funding the people and programs they value.

St. Peter’s School depends largely on tuition income and Annual Fund donations to provide for our student programs.

Annual Fund dollars are used in every area of each student’s experience at SPS, including:

  • Faculty and Staff professional development- our faculty are able to attend 40+ professional development opportunities annually
  • Tuition assistance- in tandem with EITC/OSTC, our Annual Fund supports our tuition assistance budget to allow more families to afford an SPS education
  • Programmatic and facility updates- our historic facilities and modern programs both require consistent maintenance and support to keep pace with our students

Making a gift to St. Peter’s is not only a further investment in the quality of your child’s education, but a signal to the entire community that the school is worthy of being a philanthropic priority. Active participation in the Annual Fund continues the chain of philanthropy that has connected generations of St. Peter’s School families. A gift to the Annual Fund benefits your child today and future students.

Every gift counts, and we ask parents, alumni, grandparents, and faculty to adopt a tradition of giving so we can keep SPS strong. There are multiple opportunities to help SPS, including giving to the Annual Fund, the endowment, and EITC/OSTC. Volunteering is another way to help—serving as a parent or alumni volunteer helps our community in so many ways, big and small. Click here (goes to 6.1 Parents Association) to learn more about the ways you can volunteer at SPS.

Thank you in advance for your support!

We hope you consider

Making a gift to SPS