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What sets our school apart, is what we are a part of

City Curriculum

What it Means to be a School in the City
The SPS City Curriculum seeks to expose our students to engaging and uniquely Philadelphia-specific experiences, and weave this in-the-field learning into classroom work, thus enhancing content by making it even more relatable and relevant to the real-world.
We Are The Only PS — Grade 8 Independent School

In Historic Philadelphia

The goal behind the City Curriculum is for our students to connect to the city of Philadelphia and its rich historical, arts, cultural, business, culinary, political, philanthropic and ecological resources. Through these connections, along with partnerships with a diverse set of organizations and entities, our students benefit from a truly immersive experience within this thriving urban area. Article
Enhancing The Learning Experience

Deepening Community Relationships

We know that students retain information at a higher level when they actually experience what they are studying, not just reading about it. The City Curriculum was created to both enhance the learning experience for each student and provide an opportunity to build a stronger bond to their communities and the city at large.

Explore, Understand, Connect

Through the ongoing development and implementation of the City Curriculum, we explore Philadelphia on both small and large scales, investigate our city’s “hidden gems” and call upon experts in their fields as much as possible, when pertinent to the topics covered in the classroom.

Teachers use this school-shared curriculum to effectively enhance classroom learning with city experiences and as a way to understand what others in the building are doing, as a means of collaborating and creating shared experiences across grade levels.

SPS is a city school and connecting to both the community around us and the city at large is a great way for our students to develop an early and enduring appreciation of the City of Brotherly Love!