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The education is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, applied Art, and Math, into hands-on, inquiry-based projects that reinforce and make student learning more meaningful.

STEAM Learning is a Challenging Process.

By Design.

Students are given a project goal and a set of constraints. From there, they learn to brainstorm and record their ideas, and manipulate and experiment with materials in order to create and test a model of their idea. Chances are their first designs, and maybe their second and third designs, are failures and some students will become frustrated! But that’s okay because when failure becomes a natural part of the learning process, students become adaptive learners. When the outcome is not what is expected, students learn to adjust their thinking and try again.

STEAM Spaces

US students learn, experiment, and build in our Innovation Lab, located in the Underground. This space is home to a drafting and woodworking workshop, LEGO robotics station and our roving Rigamajig set.

ECD and LS students have opportunities to engage in hands-on, exploratory learning in the STEAM Lab, a space for creativity and other cross-curricular activities, which is also home to our 3D Printer and Shelly the turtle!

STEAM in Action

Sixth Graders proudly present their 1/10th scale models of the science lab tables.

STEAM Learning can happen with something as simple as tooth pics and mini marshmallows!

Fourth Graders test their designs in the much anticipated Egg Drop event!

Our Rigamajig set provides children opportunities for creativity, innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking.