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Social & Emotional Learning

As a community rooted in the values of inclusivity, kindness, respect and compassion, we believe in fostering meaningful relationships and teaching the skills for social and emotional development beginning in Preschool and continuing through Eighth Grade.

Daily best practices and our commitment to carrying out the School’s Mission and Community Code are supplemented with a schoolwide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program to practice skills for social awareness, develop interpersonal intelligence, and learn responsible decision-making.

Daily Lesson Integration & School-wide Theme of the Month

CharacterStrong Curriculum

We focus on connecting and building relationships with each student. Social and Emotional Learning provides our students skills to manage emotions, resolve conflict and improve self-awareness, guided by the CharacterStrong program. Along with ongoing support from the School’s counselor, teachers intentionally integrate SEL education through specific lessons and weave the themes into the daily interactions within the community.  Kindness, respect, empathy, and creativity are among the school-wide, monthly themes teachers incorporate to foster a positive, connected, community of learners.

SEL for our Younger Students

In our Early Childhood and Elementary Years, teachers employ methods including “Baby Doll Circle Time” and “Zones of Regulation” to teach impulse control and calming strategies.

SEL in Grades 6 – 8

During the Middle School Years, students meet in Advisory groups and engage in more student-driven and teacher-guided SEL conversations about leadership, learning styles, personal accountability, cultural competence, and other relevant topics.