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Preschool Through Kindergarten

Early Childhood

The School’s strong educational foundation is laid in the Early Childhood Division (ECD), where child-directed learning, imagination, and play are fostered. In these Preschool through Kindergarten years, students access the intellectual tools to solve their own problems and develop a love for learning through sensory, hands-on experiences.

Character Development

Through our daily commitment to honoring the SPS Community Code, we strive to be kind, compassionate, and inclusive. We are respectful of, and honest with ourselves, our work, and others. We are all encouraged to be our best selves. Core concepts including kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude are modeled and nurtured. Mindfulness and peaceful conflict resolution strategies are incorporated daily.

Academic Foundations

Students are introduced to early academic skills and concepts in the areas of vocabulary, phonological awareness, science, and mathematics through daily interactive lessons and morning meetings.


Through daily indoor and outdoor play, students develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Curiosity, creativity, and collaboration are fostered.

Arts Appreciation

Exploration of the studio, musical and theatrical arts provide students rich opportunities to embrace creativity and self-expression, while gaining a long-lasting appreciation for the arts.

Special Subjects

Students participate in weekly French, yoga, and library classes. These special subjects take our youngest students out of their comfort zones and into new spaces, including Old Pine Community Center and the Blum Library and allow them interact with different teachers.

Steam Learning

Students engage in hands-on, exploratory learning in the STEAM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics).