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Learning Support

Meeting Students Where They Are

At St. Peter’s School, we strive to prepare all of our students for meaningful participation in a diverse society. We get to know each of our students as individuals and differentiate instruction to meet their needs.

The Learning Support Team

Our Director of Teaching and Learning provides support for children demonstrating need in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics, by pushing into the classroom and meeting with students both one-to-one and in small groups. Extended learning opportunities are available to students seeking enrichment in varying subjects. With our school wide focus on small group instruction and inquiry in the classroom, the Director of Teaching & Learning also provides professional development opportunities and in class instruction for all our teachers.

The STEAM Coordinator is responsible for the development, instructional leadership, and implementation of an interdisciplinary STEAM curriculum throughout the school. The STEAM Coordinator also provides additional math support and enrichment to students as needed.

The school employs a School Counselor who works closely with students and faculty to provide support inside and outside of the classroom.

Speech and Language

Students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade who demonstrate a need for speech and language services are screened in the fall. Those students determined to benefit from services meet one-to-one with a therapist from an outside provider on a weekly basis.