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Grades 1 through 4

Lower School

Students take intellectual risks, develop self-awareness and gain independence through an educational experience that honors the richness of childhood.

first through fourth grades

LS Students (LS) are encouraged to ask questions, as they explore and gain a better understanding of themselves and their world. These First through Fourth Grade years, which are rich in reading, collaborating, and critical thinking, invite students to take intellectual risks, develop self-awareness and foster independence, all while honoring the richness of childhood.

Character Development

Through our daily commitment to honoring the SPS Community Code, we strive to be kind, compassionate, and inclusive. We are respectful of, and honest with ourselves, our work, and others. We are all encouraged to be our best selves. LS students actively participate in Social Emotional Learning, practicing skills for mindfulness, managing emotions, and conflict resolution.

Academic Pursuit

Language Arts and mathematics are taught by homeroom teachers daily. Students mix with grade-level peers for science and social studies three times per week and engage in French, art, music, library, sports, and performing arts classes all year long.

Arts Appreciation

Exploration of the studio, musical and theatrical arts provide students rich opportunities to embrace creativity and self-expression, while gaining a long-lasting appreciation for the arts.

City Curriculum

By deepening community partnerships and connections, and exposing our students to engaging and uniquely Philadelphia-specific experiences, our City Curriculum enhances the learning experience for each student and provide an opportunity to build a stronger bond to their communities and the city at large.


First through Fourth Graders gain confidence and experience speaking publicly at monthly Declamations.