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Mini Courses

A very intentional approach is taken towards the development and implementation of additional courses offered to our students in Grades 5 – 8 outside of their core subjects and specials.

Mini Courses; Big Impact

This year, a very intentional approach was taken towards the development and implementation of the additional courses offered to our students in Grades 5 – 8 outside of their core subjects and specials. The goal was to better align these courses with the core program initiatives while also exposing students to new subject areas to better meet the needs of our middle school-aged students. 

Study Skills with Ms. Miller | FIFTH GRADE

Students are introduced to the concepts of goal setting and executive functioning, learning organizational skills with regards to homework. Topics also include how to independently set up notebooks, plus how to take notes and study for assessments. 

Independent Study Project  | FIFTH – EIGHTH GRADES

Students engage in a project-based learning project which allows them to conduct research on a subject, design a project, and develop a deeper understanding of a topic of their own interest and choice. They will present their findings to members of the School community in the Spring. 

Health Class with Nurse Hill | FIFTH – EIGHTH GRADES

Crucial to the larger picture of our students’ overall health and well-being, topics covered in Health Class include an overview of the human body, social determinants of health, healthy habits, mental and social health, drugs and alcohol, human growth and development (puberty and adolescence), healthy relationships, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation & identity, and respect & consent.

Coding with Ms. Miller & Mr. Hoffman | FIFTH – SEVENTH GRADES

Students explore the basic principles of coding, including algorithms and logic then engage in various programming interactivities that will reinforce their learning, creativity, and understanding and they will be asked to write and test their own code. 

Values In Action with Mrs. Shafer | SIXTH – EIGHTH GRADES

Students identify and define their personal values, as well as those of their family and school and to consider and discuss other values and their sources, as demonstrated in different countries and cultures, religions, and political systems.  

Leadership In Action with Ms. Nally | SIXTH – EIGHTH GRADES

Students will work to develop their personal leadership style while also cultivating leadership in others. With a goal of becoming engaged leaders of the school and community more broadly, they will become involved in a variety of service projects throughout the year. 

Writing Lab with Ms. Goodman | SIXTH – EIGHTH GRADES

With explicit writing instruction and ample opportunity for practice, the Writing Lab gives students exposure to a variety of genres – nonfiction chapter books, persuasive letters, reviews, poems – with a focus on spelling, conventions, and the qualities and strategies of good writing. In the workshop model, students cycle through the writing process as they write: rehearsing, drafting, editing, providing feedback and publishing their writing.

Design Thinking with Mr. Evans | SIXTH – EIGHTH GRADES

Students work to understand the process necessary to solve problems and are introduced to and explore the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a part of their larger understanding of global challenges and solutions. Assignments will require both time management and collaboration and students are assessed on their project “process”, the communicated value of their final projects and the ways in which they make the group’s success more likely.

Rhetoric with Ms. Sacher | SEVENTH & EIGHTH GRADES

The goal of this course is to provide students with the skills and techniques to communicate clearly, effectively, and confidently in a variety of settings. Students will also develop the tools to be a more analytical listener. 

The Play with Ms. Sacher | SEVENTH & EIGHTH GRADES

Students will learn various creative drama techniques to build ensemble, stimulate imagination, movement, and role-play with an emphasis on stage presence.  Students will understand and follow stage directions, and use proper techniques for body and voice control. Students will work towards putting on a performance for the St. Peter’s community.

Secondary School Placement with Mr. Hoffman | EIGHTH GRADE

Guidance and support is provided to students and their families about the search and application process as a whole, submission deadlines, and how to identify the needs and goals of the child as it relates to their school selections.